Vacation with A Purpose in Thailand, the “Land of Smiles”.

In 118 days we will embark on our incredible adventure to beautiful Thailand, "Land of Smiles" and we are beyond thrilled to share this amazing experience with you!   We'll begin our  journey, exploring Southeastern Thailand where we'll experience the thriving Capitol city, Bankok, one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities!   With ornate temples, lustrous palaces, authentic canals, and busy markets, this city is nothing but exciting!   Bangkok, Thailand's Capitol CityBangkok CanalsBangkok Flower Market   During our short stay, we will discover it's most important temples: Wat Trimitr with it's Golden Buddha, the world's largest solid gold statue!  Wat Po, known also as the Temple of the Recycling Buddha and the lavish Grand Palace, home of the Emerald Buddha.   Wat Po, Temple of the Recycling Buddha   Hold on tight!  We'll joyride along Bangkok city streets in Tuk Tuks, then we'll cruise along the klongs (canals) in long-tail boats and a rice barge!   Beep! Beep! Tuk Tuk   On our third day, we'll travel North, to the lush and beautiful countryside of Thailand to our next destination, Chiang Mai, where we'll enrich our souls with knowledge, peace and self fulfillment.   Have you ever wondered about the life of a monk?  We are going to have an opportunity to "dialogue with monks" where we can ask and learn about their day to day lives and their Buddhism beliefs!   Chiang MaiChiang Mai TempleMonks   Our transportation in Chiang Mai will amuse us all when we ride on an elephant's back, trekking through the luscious forests and take a bamboo raft down rapids between visiting the Karen, Shan and Lahu Hilltribe Villages, where we'll interact with the friendly local tribe people and help build a home with Habitat for Humanity of Thailand.   Bamboo Rafting Elephant Trekking   Ready to really "branch out"?  We're hopping on a jet to Phuket to reach our final destination, Krabi;  Traveling along the coastlines of gorgeous Southern Thailand, we'll make our way to our tree house resort to reside our first night.   The scenery in Krabi is spectacular!  Captivating portraits of crystal blue waters and lagoons, thick jungle forests and huge limestone karats, so gorgeous you'll wonder if it's possible to actually feel a view.   Crystal Clear Waters   Home to wildlife such as Asian elephants, barking deer, wild boar, bears, Malayan tapirs and various monkey breeds; it's a perfect place to reflect back on our extraordinary vacation in Thailand and prepare for our return home.   Each day in Krabi is packed with sanuk (it's a lot of fun) adventures including canoeing, more elephant trekking, rainforest walks, cave exploration and floating raft house accommodations.  In amidst of all the fun and exploring this beautiful city of Southern Thailand, we'll give back to the local Thai people.   Karen Village Girls   We're excited!!   Are you?  Tell us what you are most excited about.

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