Traveling Solo vs Traveling In A Group To Thailand

Thailand is Asia's most popular tourism destination today!  Exhibiting some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, canal cities, extravagant temples, ancient ruins and inviting culture, we understand why!   There are advantages and disadvantages to traveling alone, just as there are advantages and disadvantages to traveling with a group, so which is better?  We’ll let you decide…   The biggest advantage of traveling solo is that you make ALL the decisions yourself!  When, where, how, how long?...  But, in reality, sharing the decision-making is not a bad thing.  Let’s not forget the saying, “Two heads are better than one”.  For example, your travel companion may suggest a place to go that you had not known about or would have never considered going to see and it's possible that very suggestion could end up being the best part of your trip!   group-photo-4   While some may argue that traveling with a group can slow you down, others would rave that traveling with a group will save you time!  You can divvy up tasks, prior to and during your travels...  Someone can watch your bags while you run up to the front desk to get directions to The Grand Palace or someone can make reservations, while another person is grabbing a Tuk Tuk for the ride over AND you are less likely to be a target  for theft!   Another wonderful thing about traveling in a group is to simply share the experience.  No matter how you phrase it, you are never able to convey that sense of awe with a picture or even a description to somebody who has not been there.  When you see a breathtaking sight and you marvel the beauty of a temple, you can simply say, “WOW!” and your travel buddy will totally get it.   The financial gain in traveling in a group far outweighs the cons.  You can make your trip more cost effective with group rates for travel, tours, accommodations, or sharing a delicious family style Thai meal (most common way to eat in Thailand).   So obviously we may be a little biased, however, here’s what makes the Rapid Results Retreat GROUP a unique and amazing experience for everyone who joins us!  We will meet people from all over the world, who will enhance our experience in Thailand and give a new perspective, as we share the adventures we will have by learning from one another and giving back together.  By the end of this retreat we will leave with our hearts and souls full of gratitude, create life changing bonds and friendships for a lifetime!   Group Beach Pic   So, is traveling solo better than traveling in a group?  We’d like to hear from you!  Give us your pros and cons from your travels alone and/or in a group in the comments below.

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