A Taste Of Thailand

One of the many pleasures of travel is eating and we are SO EXCITED to chow-down on our upcoming retreat to Thailand this December!  (Click here to join us!)     Bangkok Street Vendor     Sum rap Thai (the way Thais eat) and their cuisine portrays the importance of food in it's culture with complexity, distinctive flavors, texture, color and beautiful presentation.     Food Decor     In Thailand, food is not just the central part of any celebration, but IT IS it's own occasion!   A traditional Thai meal consists of four fundamental tastes; sweet, salty, sour and spicy.   Regional variations correspond to neighboring tastes, as well as climate and geography, therefore it is accurately described as four regional cuisines;  Northern, Northeastern (Isan), Central, and Southern.   Here are a few of our favorite recipes from each region you can try at home OR order at your local Thai restaurant to get a little TASTE OF THAILAND before you embark on your journey with us this December on the Rapid Results Retreat.   Caution:  The following recipes will make you drool and want to hop on the next flight to Thailand!   Pad Thai - This recipe is as authentic as one of Bangkok's street vendors! http://bit.ly/1pSxH5l     Pad Thai     Khao Nieow Ma-muang (Mango with sticky rice) - This is a very popular dessert with both Thais and foodies from all over the world and it will be yours too!  http://bit.ly/1mULO4L     Mango With Sticky Rice     Som Tam (Papaya Salad) - Three words:  Simple, fresh and flavorful!  http://bit.ly/1rBoPCZ   Tom Yum Soup - This soup is definitely YUM indeed!  http://bit.ly/1lgp6Zh   Kaeng Phanaeng Neua (Panang Curry) - This type of curry is richer, sweeter, and creamier than the typical herbal Thai red curry or green curry.  http://abt.cm/1q6GwaT   Koh Hai Cha-roen Ar-harn!  (Enjoy your meal!)   Let us know what dishes you’re looking forward to trying most on Rapid Results Retreat Thailand.     Thai Food

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