Rapid Results Retreat Thailand 2014 FAQs

  What is Rapid Results Retreat?  Rapid Results Retreat is all about traveling with purpose!  13 days on a journey of a lifetime exploring a new country through thrilling adventure, collaborative learning, exposure to a new culture and giving back.  http://www.rapidresultsretreat.com/   Who will be traveling with the retreat?  A group of ambitious, adventurous and altruistic individuals from different parts of the world.  Strangers destined to be friends.   When is the retreat?  December 3 to December 13, 2014.  (Deadline for registration is October 1st!)  Plan to arrive in Bangkok on (or before) the 3rd of December and depart from KRABI on (or after) the 13th.   Is there a deadline to sign up for the retreat?  The deadline for registration is October 1st!  (Hurry and reserve your spot ASAP!)   Where is the retreat?  Our retreat will take place in beautiful Thailand, “Land Of Smiles”.  We will travel through it’s Central, North and South Regions, visiting Bangkok, Chaing Mai, and Krabi.   How will I travel around on the retreat?  Everyone is responsible for their international flight, but once you arrive in Thailand, your domestic travel will be included in the price.  We will travel by plane, train, tuk tuk, elephant trekking, bamboo rafting and more to explore the North, West and South Regions of Thailand.  Plan to arrive in Bangkok (BKK) and depart from Krabi (KBV) for the easiest entry and exit for our retreat.     How much is it to join the retreat?  The retreat is $3,997 and includes lodging, sightseeing tours, adventures, domestic travel, and most meals!  There are payment plan options available and various payment options.  *Discounts available for students, military and families.   “Travel, it’s the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer.”   How do I sign up for the retreat?  You will need to fill out our reservation form and include a $400 deposit fee.  It’s that easy!  http://bit.ly/1obwNef   Is Thailand a safe place to travel?  Yes!  We will only visit and travel through safe areas.   Will I need traveler’s insurance?  We do recommend getting traveler’s insurance and we can provide options once you are signed up.  It’s very affordable.  Typically under $100.   Do I need shots and immunizations?  We recommend speaking with your personal physician. This is a personal option and not one that we can advise anyone on.  It is not required to get any immunizations to travel to Thailand, however, Hepatitis A and Thyroid are recommended.  We will not be traveling to any areas known to be at “high risk”.   How, when and where should I book my flight?  We recommend using a search engine like Kayak.com to find the best rates and booking your flight 1 to 2 months prior to your departure.  Read our recent blog post for ways to get the best airfare http://bit.ly/Y72BLZ   Is the deposit refundable?  Unfortunately, no because we limit our retreats to a small group and your spot will no longer be available once you have made your reservation.   What will I do on the retreat?  Our amazing journey in Thailand will begin exploring their thriving Capitol City, Bangkok!  We’ll also visit the North’s lush and beautiful countryside and discover Chiang Mai, then travel along the gorgeous coastlines to our final destination in Krabi.  Every day will be filled with wonderment!  This trip was designed for you to have an experience of a lifetime and enrich your soul with knowledge, peace and self-fulfillment.  Visit http://bit.ly/1pn4rxN for our full itinerary.   Do people speak English in Thailand?  How will I communicate with the locals?  In Thailand, the natives speak Thai, but English is widely spoken.  We will be sure to teach you useful everyday Thai phrases to help you embrace the Thai culture and experience while you are there.  Be looking for our blog post on Thai phrases on our website very soon!     What should I bring on the retreat?  We will be sending everyone a complete list of recommended items to bring on your retreat.  Check out our Pinterest Board:  Thailand Packing List http://bit.ly/1rLJDaW   Will we have internet access?  There will be areas where you will have internet access, however, we do not recommend you rely on it.  We do recommend that you sign off while you are in Thailand and simply enjoy the retreat.   Have any more questions for us?  Ask us in the comments below or email us at retreat@jairekrobbins.com

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