Most Popular Thai Phrases You Should Know Before Traveling To Thailand

  Thai is spoken by 95% of Thailand's population and although English is widely spoken, learning a few Thai phrases will help you gain insight to Thailand's rich and beautiful culture, which will allow you to make your experience in the Kingdom more amazing and memorable! Love Me, I Speak Thai Although the best way to learn a foreign language is listening and interacting with native speakers, here are a few phrases we think will benefit you to practice prior to our upcoming retreat in December!     Note:  When you speak Thai, if you are male, you should end the sentence with “Krab” and “Kha” if you are a female.      Hello & Good Bye     Sa-wat dee (kha,krab) Thank you     Khorb koon How much?     Gee baht Where is ......?     Yoo tee nai Sorry     Khor toat I like it     Chob maak Yes/No     Chai/ Mai chai What?     Arai I want to go to...     Chun ja pai ... Toilet     Hong naam Which way?     Pai taang nai Left/Right     Sai/Kwaa Do you speak English?     Kun poot par sar ang grit dai mai How do you do? (pleased to meet you)     Yin dee tee roo jak I beg your pardon?     Arai na I don’t understand     Pom (di chan) mai kow jai Can you help me?     Chuay pom (di chan) noy dai mai Where can I get a taxi?     Pom (di chan) ja reark taihk see dai tee nai How long?     Narm mai     Thailand is a true shopping paradise and can be a really great experience, especially at the markets!  These phrases will be very useful when you shop and bargain for Thai silk and other spectacular souvenirs to bring home!     How much is this?     Ra ka thao rai That is a little expensive     Paeng pai Can you make it cheaper?     Lot noi dai mai Can you help me?     Chuay dai mai Can I see that?     Khor doo dai mai I am just looking     Khor doo thao nun I will come back later     Ja ma mai Do you have something bigger (or smaller)?     ("Yai" = Big, "Lek" = Small) Mee yai (or lek) gwar mai Do you have another color?     Mee see auen mai     Many times, you will have to ask for the price, so we recommend getting familiar with numbers too.     0 Soon          20 Yee sib 1 Nueng      30 Saam sib 2 Song          40 See sib 3 Saam         50 Har sib 4 See             60 Hok sib 5 Har             70 Jed sib 6 Hok            80 Paed sib 7 Jed             90 Gao sib 8 Paed       100 Nueng roi 9 Gao         200 Song roi 10 Sib    1,000 Nueng pan   (Number's Unit - 10: Sib, 100: Roi, 1,000 Pan, 10,000: Muen. Example- 21: Yee sib et, 22: Yee sib song, 23: Yee sib saam)     We are all excited about indulging in delicious Thai cuisine during our "vacation with a purpose", so here's just a few phrases you may need while dining.     Can I have more please?     Khor eak dai mai Check/Bill     Geb tung Can I have a spoon (fork) please?     Khor chorn (som) noi dai mai? Delicious     Aroi Not Spicy     Mai Ped Can you recommend a good restaurant?     Chuay neh nam pat tar karn dee dee hai noy dai mai May I have the menu please?     Kor doo rai garn ar harn noy dai mai I don’t eat meat     Pom (di chan) mai tarn neua Waiter/Waitress     Boy/kun What do you recommend?     mee arai nar tarn barng What kind of seafood do you have?     Mee ar harn ta ley arai barng Keep the change     Gehp ngern torn ow wai Can I pay with this Credit Card?     Jai duay bat krey dit dai mai I enjoyed it, thank you     Pom (di chan) a roy mark korp kun May I have a receipt?     Kor bai seht rap ngern noy dai mai     Did we miss any important phrases?  Do you have any recs on great ways to learn a foreign language?  Tell us in the comments below!

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