Past Retreats

Looking Back on Giving Back

In between the wild adventures and beautiful beaches, we make it a point to do at least one service project on every retreat to support our mantra “Learn it. Live it. Give it.” On our last retreat, we spread holiday cheer in Manta, Ecuador by throwing a Christmas party to give out toys and food to children and families in need. In this retreat reflection, Jorge shares an incredibly magical moment that took place with other retreaters that made us all very grateful to have the ability to give back. We helped to inspire kids and enable them to overcome obstacles they face that we often cannot even imagine, such as not having shoes to wear so they can go to school. Watch Jorge's retreat reflection here »

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Central & South America​

Winter 2012

To say we had an amazing group of people on our last winter retreat would be extreme understatement. Traveling from as far as Tokyo, we had an incredibly brilliant group of individuals from around the world who,despite their incredibly different backgrounds and life experiences, had one thing in common: an urge to explore not only the world, but also themselves in an effort to live an even more fulfilling and rewarding life. Combined with super insightful fundamentals and strategies taught each day at sea by Jairek Robbins, globetrotting retreaters were also immersed in beautiful countries and cultures all around Central and South America for what was one of the most memorable, life-changing trips ever!​​

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Mediterranean ​

Spring 2013

As we cruised around the Mediterranean, retreaters found themselves surrounded by a group of hungry and like-minded entrepreneurs who were determined to turn their passions into profits. At sea, we had lectures and masterminds to help get ideas off the ground and take businesses to the next level. As we stopped off in some of the most glamorous places in the world, it reminded us that anything is truly possible when you follow your dreams and listen to your heart. While Jairek Robbins taught us about starting an online business, he also taught us about the importance of understanding yourself, your values, and your rules to further understand how those will play a vital role in your strategy as well as the  growth of your business. Check out our retreat recap here  »