Final Call: Thailand Boarding Soon! How To Find A Cheap Flight

boarding   Who?  Twenty-four ambitious, adventurous and altruistic individuals from different parts of the world.   What?  Uniting on a journey of a lifetime to Thailand and exploring it's North, West and South regions through adventure and wonderment.   When?  December 3rd to December 13th, 2014   How?  Well, that's what we have to figure out next!     Book Now   Airlines have decreased the amount of routes due to increasing oil, material and personnel costs which have all affected ticket fares to sky rocket!  So, how do you find a cheap flight to Thailand?   First and foremost, book your flight early!  It's recommended you book 6 to 8 weeks before any flight,  THREE MONTHS if you go during peak season!  There's only three and a half months until we set off to Thailand, so start checking flights now!   We are all familiar with travel websites like, and, but here are just a few tips that can help you find a cheap flight to your "vacation with a purpose".   Step 1:  Use one of the sites mentioned above as your point of comparison.  They will provide you with a widespread of fares to select from various airlines traveling to your destination.   Step 2:  Double check your search results on other websites such as or, which are favored by travel gurus and known to be more globally aggregating.   Step 3:  Find the airline with the lowest airfare, then go to it's website to see if it's lower to book your flight.  Airlines will sometimes offer cheaper airfare to entice flyers to book with them directly.   Step 4:  Check the airlines foreign website.  You may be able to take advantage of the exchange rate and book under another currency.   Step 5:  Try various routes!  Airports charge carriers a landing fee and taxes will vary which make airline tickets fluctuate depending on which airport you fly in to.   Step 6:  Do one last final cross check by looking on the airport's website to see all airlines that fly in.  You may get lucky and discover a small carrier that isn't listed on any major search engines.   Note:  Flight prices will vary from day to day.  Airfares tend to lower significantly during the week to encourage purchases while traffic is low.      Another great way to save money on airfare is to fly in to secondary airports with budget carriers.  Many times, budget airlines will offer no-fare tickets and you only pay taxes!  When using a budget carrier, be sure to check the distance from the airport and your destination to estimate the cost of transportation to reach the city though.  That’ll add to your total travel cost.     Thai Air Ways   Thai Air Ways Attendants     There are five Thai-based budget airlines currently offering service to Thailand that fly in to smaller domestic cities within the Kingdom as well as larger cities in the Southeast Asia Region:   Thai Air Asia (Air Asia, the region's largest discount airliner) - Operates from the old Bangkok airport, Don Mueang (DMK)   Nok Air - Flights operate from the old Don Mueang (DMK) Airport regardless of destination.   Orient Thai Airlines - Operates out of both Bangkok airports with limited destinations within Thailand.   Note:  Thailand Domestic Flights is a comprehensive website which can display the current flight schedules of all Thai Air Asia, Nok Air, and Orient Thai Airlines.   City Airways - Based out of Don Mueang Airport, this airline serves destinations in Thailand and China (including Hong Kong).   Solar Air - An operator of small-aircraft flights for Nok Air with it's own services to Chumphon and sometimes to Hua Hin.  It operates from Don Means Airport.   Ways To Save Money   Here are just a few more great ways to save on your flight to Thailand:   Use frequent flyer miles:  No matter how often you travel, you should always sign up for airline travel reward programs!   Sign up for airline mailing lists to receive special promotion and deals.   Credit Cards:  Just for signing up and making your first purchase, most branded airline credit cards offer 25,000-30,000 miles!  That's an economy ticket!  Non-airline credit cards, such as Starwood American Express Card, will offer points that you can convert into miles and get great savings on your flights too!   Student Discounts:  There are a ton of discounts available to students out there!  Here's a great website to check out!   I hope these tips and airline information help find your way to Thailand and no matter what the cost, ALWAYS REMEMBER, Travel Quote

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