Cartagena, Colombia

Feeling a little hopeless romantic?

Wisp away to Cartagena and find "Love in the Time of Cholera"—well, minus the Cholera. The colorful city is said to be the inspiration for the book written by famous Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. True, Marquez never actually names the setting for his story, but the “city of the viceroys” is a close match for Cartagena. I mean come on, the guy still owns a house there. In fact, one of the city’s highlights is an audio-guided tour that navigates to actual scenic spots as they are described in the novel. This is the best way to view Cartagena. Take your time and fall in love with the sights while the award winning words of Marquez develop before you and bring the city to life in a way you could have never imagined possible. Check out the video below for a beautiful virtual tour of Cartagena, Colombia! Then, click the button below to reserve your spot of our next retreat in December 2013!

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