Epic Adventures & Life Changing Service Projects

Let loose with wild adventures and​ mind blowing cultural experiences!

Whether you crave an adrenaline rush, are hooked on history, or worship the surf and sun, there’s an adventure and fun for everyone of any age on our retreats! When it comes to adventure, our stories last a lifetime. From ziplining through the jungles of Costa Rica to sand boarding down the side of an active volcano in Nicaragua, we have a ton of fun! We also make sure to soak up as much culture and history as possible by exploring hill tribes in Panama and touring UNESCO World Heritage sites in Colombia. The possibilities are absolutely endless and whether we explore together or in groups, the stories, photos, and memories go on for ages! Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

Live it Give it Foundation

The Live it Give it Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 started by Jairek Robbins and friends on the principle of paying it forward. The mission of the foundation is to “Learn it. Live it. Give it.”This means to first learn about ways to improve the quality of your life, then truly live a more fulfilling life, and finally pass it on, or pay it forward, by giving someone else the tools or resources to improve the quality of their life as well. During each retreat, a meaningful and rewarding service project is planned in a community in need. Service projects in the past have included spreading holiday cheer by delivering toys and holding sing-a-longs with children in Ecuador, building a school in Guatemala, and restoring a school in Morocco. As we continue to travel and explore the world, the Live it Give it Foundation is committed to giving back to the places we go.