About the Retreats

Discover Yourself ​While Discovering The World

This unique journey is designed for you to explore the vast world in which you live, to connect meaningfully with those closest to you, and to discover your life’s true passion, purpose, and vision. This is a special event, designed for an intimate number of people to grow, contribute, and share in an incredible experience together! Ready for something new?

Jairek Robbins' ​Rapid Results Retreat

Enjoy a unique mix of relaxation, fun in the sun, and intimate workshops dedicated to supporting you in the areas of emotional, physical, and spiritual health, as well as wealth, relationships, time management, business practices, and beyond.

Collaborative Learning

We learn from each other and our individual experiences as we travel through countries, connecting with various parts of cultures and people from a variety of backgrounds. Each day we participate in in-depth conversation style meetups, which provide the opportunity for personal growth and discovery through examination of our daily experiences.


Each day, we explore a single subject in life, love, business, and health,diving in deep to learn what it means to us and how it compares to the rest of the world we travel to. Are their values and beliefs the same? Do they go about life the same way? What can we learn from other countries and cultures to help enrich our own life and the lives of others?


Each day, we discover and explore! We have special adventures, volunteer projects, and other activities set up for you. There is truly something for everyone to make this a once in-a-lifetime opportunity packed with adventurous activities balanced with humanitarian service projects, relaxing beach trips, cultural performances and city tours.